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The Society for the Protection and Promotion of the Underwater Environment and its Coastal Area – nonprofit company organizes in Athens on November 25th 2010, an International Meeting on “BIODIVERSITY AND DIVING TOURISM IN THE GREEK SEAS”.

For the conference Mr. Nikitiades George – Deputy Minister of Culture and Tourism – has been invited to open the Meeting and speak about the new strategic directions for the development and promotion for special interest tourism activities and especially for diving tourism. Also has been invited the Secretary General of the Aegean and Island Policy Mr. Halkiotis Demetrios.

The Conference is under the aegis of the Secretariat General of the Aegean & Island Policy, the Ionian Islands region , the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels and support the Foundation's ''Protect the Sharks Foundation''


The Conference aims to highlight the underwater riches of Greece and the opportunities and prospects for attracting the international diving market and to promote ‘Greece as a diving destination’ as an additional diving product for the country.

In the sessions of the conference, Greek and foreign guest speakers will make reference to the rich biodiversity of the Greek seas ( 8500 life forms and more than 1500 plants) and their importance, the characteristics of the area as a ‘diving destination’.

The guest invited speakers will also explain how diving tourism is being already developed in South East Mediterranean and the competitor countries. Foreign Tourism professionals as guest speakers will describe their own experience in promoting recreational diving in European tourism markets.

The presentations shall include the action plan of to promote Greece as a diving destination , which is implemented by Dive Guide Greece.

During the Conference is included the development of marine protected areas - diving parks, the legislative framework and operational details of which professionals and experts will speak for.

The Conference is related to the United Nations declaration of 2010 as International Year of Biodiversity, and with World Tourism Day (September 27th 2010) and also has for 2010 the theme ‘Tourism and Biodiversity’ following a decision of the World Tourism Organization.

The Conference is open to all and is highly recommended to tourism and diving professionals, hoteliers and representatives of the local authorities from all parts of Greece, who will have the opportunity to participate in the discussions that will follow after the presentations, to ask and learn about the ways to develop and publicize their tourism product in relation to the diving market.

During the Conference are expected to be stands where professionals can present their activities and products relating to diving and development.

Also, on the occasion of the Year of Biodiversity, will be on display photographs from renowned photographers with themes the underwater environment and characteristics of marine and coastal ecosystems.